Why Haven’t We Found Giant Structures of the Sons of Adam and Eve?

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of all worlds. To proceed, some of the brothers, may Allah grant them understanding, asked me the following question:

I have reviewed your recent publication regarding your response to one of the Dawonahs. However, there is an issue regarding the height of Adam (peace be upon him) (sixty cubits) as mentioned in the Hadith. While your explanation was detailed in terms of the nature of the earth and its creatures in Adam’s time differing from how they are now, shouldn’t we expect to find a large number of skeletal remains of the first generation of Adam’s descendants (the first generation era) and also remains from the transitional period between the first generation and subsequent generations? Is it correct to say that the form of Adam (peace be upon him) mentioned in the Hadith refers to his form in Paradise before he descended to Earth and his form changed to the normal state known now? That concludes the question.

I say, seeking help from Allah the Almighty, that the answer to this question is twofold. Firstly, may Allah bless you, you have laid a solid foundation stating that no one has ever found remains of the bones of great human creatures, known as “giants” in many ancient civilizations. This is not accepted initially, nor can it be accepted or believed by those who claim it among geologists and anthropologists. Why? Because we know that the prevailing academic paradigm in this matter completely relies on interpreting all fossil discoveries to fit its initial theoretical assumptions. This is the approach of naturalists in all theories that consider supernatural issues completely absent (as is the case with the origin of humans and living species and this world around us)! Therefore, when someone adhering to that paradigm claims that we have never found “ever” giant human skeletal remains before, this does not represent a truthful statement that we accept and believe without further interpretation! If you were to search online quickly for remains of giant humans and any fossil discoveries of giant skulls and such things, you will find many who claim they have found them, without a doubt. It is true that some of them have indeed been proven liars or tricksters with no factual basis, but we are talking about an academic consensus that has firmly settled on the idea that claims of giant humans are myths among many other myths found among some human societies and in some ancient cultures, and have absolutely no place in the Darwinian conception of human species evolution! So how can you expect those who follow this approach (establishing belief first and then interpreting observations accordingly) to ever accept any discovery that might one day suggest the existence of ancient humans with such great stature or anything close to it? This will never happen, and it’s not something we anticipate! Instead, any archaeologist or anthropologist who stumbles upon such a thing would be compelled to interpret it in any way contrary to what he found, or might completely neglect the discovery on his own, so as not to subject himself to ridicule by peers and risk his academic career or research funding that sustains him! Darwinism rules over the minds of people with an absolute and unyielding authority, may Allah bless you. It is a perspective that none of them can look at the world except through it, otherwise, they are accused of ignorance, foolishness, and promoting myths. None of them can deviate from the Darwinian plan even by a hair’s breadth!! We have seen some of them falsify what they claim are credible evidence for that theory, forgery and falsehood, wanting to establish a place for themselves in that academia!! So how can you expect those with such beliefs and morals to dare to confront academia with what they claim is a shocking revelation against the theory, if it happens to them??
Similarly, such misinterpretation occurs in a type of discoveries that they have agreed to call “Out of place artifacts”! Sometimes one of them discovers a machine or remnants of a machine in a layer of the earth’s strata, which, according to the alleged Darwinian concept of human evolution, should not exist in that layer! Why? Because the theory suggests that Homo sapiens in that historical era did not exist at all, but were still in the loins of monkeys leaping in the trees!! So how could a group of these alleged higher monkeys invent a machine like this?? It is absolutely inconceivable! Therefore, it must inevitably be interpreted in a manner that suits the accepted paradigm without conflicting with it, such as saying, for example: this machine must have fallen into a pit or a fissure in the earth, or something similar, and descended to a lower layer than the layer in which its makers were found, and that is why we found it where we found it!! Although such an interpretation, with its apparent complexity (Ad-hoc explanation), may refute many of the alleged discoveries that they claim as evidence for the supposed evolution of the human species from the outset, along with what is appropriate for this interpretation of reconsidering some relevant geological assumptions, they continue to take whatever suits their beliefs every day, without any problem!! From the excavations, some of its discoverers also claim from time to time that they have found it out of the expected Darwinian frame for it Out of Order Fossils, so no matter how truthful the owner of this claim is, he will only get denial and ridicule often, unless he can invent an interpretation that suits the Darwinian paradigm, such as I mentioned to you earlier! It has become known about the operators of the Smithsonian museum and the like, their work to deny and refute every claim that one of them claims to have discovered a skull or bone remains of giants, to the extent that some people claimed on websites (what is outside and undoubtedly from the frame of the approved academy) that there is a “conspiracy” to hide this issue in its entirety. The fact is not a “conspiracy” or anything like that, as it has passed, but rather a strict commitment to the dominant academic paradigm, in a matter that people should not care about with a theoretical belief from the principle of the case! I do not claim that those who lied to them and invalidated their claims were sincere, for I have no knowledge of it and do not require it at all, nor do I need to prove it, but I say that those who know the way of the people in piping theories and claims in this chapter do not care about what they really found! Such things are not taken from hearing if proven, otherwise there is no knowledge or knowledge! But rather it is manipulation by interpretation and promotion of the myth dressed in scientific clothing and nothing else! And this is the second aspect of this answer, that we say: ignorance is not knowledge of non-knowledge, may Allah bless you! What is said is that if it is true and we really accept that no one has ever found any discoveries of the remains of those great human structures anywhere in the world, we have not found anything that contradicts what we believe in! But it is said: We cannot find anything that contradicts it, because we have the highest degrees of cognitive evidence, and interpreting the observations in the manner of these people is not useful knowledge until it reaches the point that it invites us to favor or balance between it and what we believe in the same matter!! This is the criterion of the issue with the people of the Sunnah! So we do not care what they have found if they found, all this will not affect us by the grace of God in a split second, because it does not reach that it affects it in any way, and all praise is due to Allah first and last.
As for your saying, may Allah bless you, is it correct that that length in heaven only, before it descends to the earth, it is not correct at all, and none of the people of knowledge say so, because it conflicts with the explicit text, as his saying, may peace and blessings be upon him, did not stop decreasing until now, evidence that Adam descended with his length, and had offspring who are shorter in stature, and less in creation, until we reached what we are on now, and Allah knows best.

As a way of descending with the opponent. And from what may be said here by way of analogy, among the controversial discoveries of people are fossil types still debated among them, a type known as mega-fauna and its counterpart mega-flora. The first type consists of remains of giant animal skeletons, of the same species we know today but significantly larger than the sizes indicated by these remains.

The second type is similar but with plants. The most famous example of this is the woolly mammoth. Comparing the sizes of reptiles known as dinosaurs to those of similar reptiles in our era makes you feel that this decrease and diminishment also occurred in some of those species, rather than all of them having gone extinct completely as claimed in the accepted Darwinian narrative. However, as I mentioned to you, all observations and discoveries must be interpreted in a consistent manner, according to the Darwinian plan, not in a way that could pose a challenge to it or embarrass its proponents! In any case, we do not follow or endorse the methods of flood geology, evangelical archaeology, and these matters, and God is the Guide. (Note that we do not know the rate of this decrease, incidentally, and at what point historically the flood that submerged the entire earth occurred correctly, altering its geological structure, and hiding treasures that only God knows!

Were the children of Adam, peace be upon him, close to his height or significantly shorter? Did the average human height approach its current level shortly before the flood, a little after, or much later, until it settled into the customary average seen now in the era of the Prophet, peace be upon him? All this is not to be considered, although it certainly affects the probabilities and interpretations of those artifacts where people often dig searching for human fossils!

The matter involves layers of absence and events that defy human norms and expectations necessarily, making it unreasonable and unacceptable to draw conclusions about something with neither proof nor refutation based on what people find among those remains!)

Translated from: https://srajarabic.com/?p=5132

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