Al-Usūl Ath-Thalāthah wal Qawā’id Al-Arba’ah wal Usūl As-Sittah wa Nawāqid Al-Islām

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“Al-Usūl Ath-Thalāthah wal Qawā’id Al-Arba’ah wal Usūl As-Sittah wa Nawāqid Al-Islām” by By Shaykhul Islām Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhāb rahimahullāh.

The famous books “Thalāthat Al-Usūl”, “Al-Qawā’id Al-Arba’ah”, “Al-Usūl As-Sittah” and “Nawāqid Al-Islām” by Shaykh Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhāb rahimahullāh ta‘ālā compiled into one book. These books are amazing for beginners in seeking knowledge. The text is on English & Arabic, which is especially useful for those who want to compare the texts, memorize the matn, or improve their Arabic.

All Arabic texts include full tashkeel. There are many footnotes (on English) to explain some things that may be unclear to the reader or some things which the reader may misunderstand, especially if he reads the texts without a Shaykh.

Muhammad Bin ‘Abd al-Wahhāb was born in a knowledgeable and noble family. He memorized the Qur’ān by the age of ten, studied Islamic law, and extensively explored Tafsīr and Hadīth. Traveling across Najd, Makkah, and al-Madīnah, he learned from prominent scholars. Notably, he studied under Shaykh Abdullah Bin Ibrahīm ash-Shammaree and his son. With a deep understanding and intelligence, he researched, studied, and wrote, transcribing works of Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibnul-Qayyim. After his father’s death, he openly advocated for da’wah, rejecting innovations in the religion, and was supported by Āl Sa’ōd.


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